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Vietnam: Lobbying and advocacy

TimeProcedure Who?Materials Objectives
08:30 Welcome and overview of workshop  

Facilitators Poster with programme
Awareness campaign in project area

Status quo of work plan and awareness campaign (15 mins)


  • to build up campaigning skills
  • to involve new participants (deaf persons) in the ongoing process
  • to introduce examples of campaign posters and TV ads
  • to develop more ideas and messages for the campaign in Thanh Hoa
  • to motivate and stimulate the participants to develop ideas on their own

Present and discuss ideas for awareness campaign

FacilitatorsPoster and video on notebook 

Fill KWL chart with assistance of participants

  • K: What we already know about lobbying
  • W: What we want to learn about lobbying
FacilitatorsKWL chart
  • to make implicit (previous) knowledge about lobbying explicit and become aware of the group’s existing capacities
  • to initiate a conscious and self-determined learning process by eliciting the participants’ questions
  • to develop a common understanding of lobbying
  • to learn from practice examples
  • to analyse lessons learnt

Short introduction to lobbying

Resource personPowerPoint presentation

Lobbying in practice

  • How the Hanoi DPO “Bright Future” was established
  • Lobbying activities of the Disability Forum
Resource persons from "Bright Future" and Disability ForumPowerPoint presentations

Lessons learnt

  • Collect critical success factors with participants on poster
  • Trainers summarise critical success factors, ways of lobbying and benefits


PowerPoint presentation

Important techniques for lobbying
  • gathering information
  • working with the media
  •  to gain an overview about important techniques
  • to gather information by using different sources of information
  • to use the internet as a source of information and be aware of helpful links

Overview of and introduction to groupwork:

  • decide on an issue you want to lobby for
  • gather information about this issue
  • prepare a presentation or press release
Facilitator Written instruction for group work


Group work (3 groups): Gathering information
collect topics and let participants choose, e.g.

  • Disability in Vietnam
  • National Action Plan for Persons with Disabilities
  • Self-help groups in Vietnam
  • Women with disabilities in Vietnam
  • Jobs for people with disabilities in Vietnam
Facilitators support and show internet links
  • Computer room
  • Notebooks,
  • Books and brochures on disability issues
Preparing a presentation/press release

Introduction to

  • Written instructions for groupwork,
  • presentation boards,
  • paper,
  • marker
  • pens,
  • tools on a large poster
  • to know and practice strategies for preparing a presentation
  • to know and practice strategies for writing a press release

Groupwork (3 groups)

  • Group 1 and 2: Prepare a presentation about the topic you have chosen. Use the information you have gathered plus the checklist for presentations. Present your presentation along with an introduction of the tool you have used.
  • Group 3: Write a press release about the topic you have chosen for your local newspaper. Use the information you have gathered and the introduction to press release. Present your press release along with an introduction of the tool you have used.
16:10Presentation and feedback, reflection on the tools


  • Fill KWL Chart with the help of participants: L - What we have learned
  • Outlook: what we will do next

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