Making PRSP Inclusive
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Vietnam: One-day workshop to launch the project "Making PRS Inclusive"

Workshop objectives:

  1. To achieve a common understanding of the "Making PRSP Inclusive" handbook
  2. To disseminate knowledge about the multinational project on poverty reduction policy and disability
  3. To check the proposed entry points for Vietnam and identify future possibilities for participation


TimeContentsPresented/Conducted by
  • Registration
  • Opening of the workshop
  • Introduction of participants, workshop objectives and agenda
  • Presentation of the linkages between the “Support for Poverty Reduction” Project and “Making PRSP Inclusive”
  • Representative from the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs
  • Facilitator
  • Representative from GTZ Vietnam
  • Presentation on the project and “Making PRSP Inclusive” handbook, including the findings of the consultancy mission and recommended activities for implementation in Vietnam
  • Questions and answers
  • Representatives from Handicap International
  • Facilitator
10:00Coffee break
  • Introduction to the groupwork on stakeholder analysis (Venn Diagram
  • Groupwork on stakeholder analysis
  • Presentation of groupwork results
  • Preparation for the groupwork on recommended activities for 2007
  • Facilitator
  • Workshop participants

Groupwork on proposed activities

  1. Peer counselling
  2. NAP 239
  3. In-depth stakeholder analysis: DPOs and self-help-groups
  4. Communication and coordination: the national umbrella organisation
  5. Other topics: to be discussed 
15:00Coffee break
  • Presentation of groupwork results
  • Identify next steps
  • Summary of the workshop
  • Closing
  • Participants
  • Handicap International, GTZ, facilitator
  • Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs

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