Making PRSP Inclusive
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The first version of "Making PRSP Inclusive", this updated online-handbook and the country projects would not have been possible without the contribution, advice and support of many persons and organisations. Not all of them can be mentioned here, but the authors want to express their special thanks to the following individuals (in alphabetic order):

  • René Bonnel (World Bank)
  • Philippe Chervin (Handicap International)
  • Catherine Dixon (Handicap International)
  • Rika Esser (CBM)
  • Andreas Gude (GTZ)
  • Ham Hak (DAC, Cambodia)
  • Vivien Heller (DED Vietnam)
  • Judy Heumann (former Disability Advisor, World Bank)
  • Thierry Gontier (consultant)
  • Ratha Ken (Handicap International, Cambodia)
  • Gijs Koop (NGO Forum Cambodia)
  • Ellen Kramer (GTZ Vietnam)
  • Sanna Laitamo (Handicap International, Honduras)
  • Blandine Le Bourgeois (Handicap International, Bangladesh),
  • Anne Leymat (Handicap International)
  • Gideon Mandes (DOLASED, Tanzania)
  • Jan Nye (Cambodia Trust)
  • Lucile Papon (Handicap International)
  • Eric Plantier (Handicap International)
  • Anne-Laure Pignard-Rhein (consultant)
  • Dinah Radtke (ISL e.V.)
  • Dr. Nafeesur Rahman (NFOWD, Bangladesh)
  • Doris Rasevic (Graphic design)
  • Kagenzi Rutachwamagyo (ICD, Tanzania)
  • Ngin Saorath (CDPO, Cambodia)
  • Bean Sing (UNDP-UNV, Cambodia)
  • Pham Thuy (GTZ, VIETCOT)
  • Claudie Ung (former advisor at Veterans International, Cambodia)
  • Isabell Urseau (Handicap International)
  • Judith van der Veen (Secretariat of the African Decade for Persons with Disabilities)
  • Gabi Weigt (VENRO/BEZEV)
  • Ronald Wiman (STAKES, Finland)
  • Henry Wimilie (ICD, Tanzania)

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