Making PRSP Inclusive
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3.3.2 Review process

A PRS cycle takes three to five years. At the end of this period its implementation is evaluated and reviewed. This happens with civil society participation, and the results contribute to the formulation of a new PRSP. The review and formulation processes of the new PRS provide the civil society with new opportunities to make contributions. In this phase another poverty analysis is often conducted, and the priorities for the next implementation phase are redefined. The review is supposed to be based on the results of the evaluation of the original PRS. The revision or review process itself lasts many months (typically between 12 and 18). In Tanzania and Uganda, guiding documents had been drafted which outlined the methodology and the timeframe of the review process.

Example: PRS Review in Tanzania

In Tanzania, DPOs were able to integrate a disability dimension into the PRSP during the review of the first document. As the review process ends in a new formulation phase, this represents a very efficient entry point.

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