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4.4.1 PRSP in Tanzania

Tanzania was one of the first countries to start a PRS process. The I-PRSP was distributed to the World Bank and the IMF in March 2000, and the full version followed a few months later. The intention of the government was to obtain debt relief as soon as possible. As the first PRSP was written under high time pressure, there was not enough space for civil society participation, and (I)NGOs and donor organisations dominated the process. In 2002 the Poverty Policy Week took place for the first time, enabling all stakeholders to discuss the state of progress of the PRSP, and civil society to participate in formulating the progress report. This event, together with the establishment of a Poverty Monitoring Committee and different technical working groups, gradually increased civil society participation. The Tanzanian civil society network is quite strong: it was able to conduct independent monitoring, and produced easy-to-understand material on PRS. Many NGOs are organised in the NGO Policy Forum to ensure civil society participation in the PRS. The review of the first PRS started in 2003, and in 2005 the second strategy (known locally as MKUKUTA) was published. The Ministry of Finance and the Vice President’s Office are coordinating the whole process.

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