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9 Workshop tools

Within the scope of the "Mainstreaming Disability in Development Cooperation – The PRSP Way" project, which forms the basis for this online handbook, Handicap International, GTZ and CBM organised several workshops related to PRS and disability in different countries in 2006-2007. This chapter contains the agendas, programmes, tools and methods used in these workshops.

The proposed tools are designed with the intention of initiating a discussion on specific issues and facilitating the compilation of results. A result may be a direct answer to a question, but as the context is usually very complex, there are often several possible answers, or even in some cases none at all. So one result of working with the proposed tools can be the modification and adaptation of the original question to the specific context, which can lead to a proposal on how to deal with this question in the future, or to an answer (or at least, a partial answer).

The proposed tools have a variety of different functions. Some of them help the user to prepare for specific activities, others just assist in planning. Most tools aim at facilitating the analysis of a situation, e.g. the power relations between different stakeholders.

Structure of this chapter

In this chapter the reader has two possibilities to navigate. The tools are accessible via exemplary workshop agendas or via thematic sections, as the table below shows:

Exemplary agendas Thematic sections
Example: 6 modules on PRS and disability PRS and stakeholders
Cambodia: Two-day workshop providing an introduction to PRS and disability Disability
Liberia: Two-day workshop providing an introduction to PRS and disabilityProcess and project management (including stakeholder analysis)
Vietnam: One-day workshop to launch the project "Making PRS Inclusive"Lobbying and advocacy
Vietnam: Different understandings of disabilitydisability and policies -
strategies for awareness-raising (2 days)
Vietnam: Lobbying and advocacy (1 day)
Tanzania: Workshop report


To make it easier for readers to print and use tools in practice, all tools are available for download in PDF format. 

Further information

There are a vast number of publications available which provide an introduction to capacity development, participation, training methods, etc. For this reason, we decided when compiling this handbook not to include basic information about facilitation and related issues. For readers interested in further information, we recommend the following online resources:
Impact Alliance Resource Centre: Facilitation Techniques
International HIV/AIDS Alliance (2002): 100 ways to energise groups: Games to use in workshops, meetings and the community 

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