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Vietnam: Different understandings of disability - disability and policies - strategies for awerness-raising (2 days)

PART 1: Clarifying our understanding of disability (1 day)

TimeProcedureMaterialsConducted byObjectives
15 mins Welcome
Introduction to contents and procedure
Poster with overview of workshopTeam
30 mins

Common views on disability:

  • Read the statements
  • Which statements do you most agree with? (each participant must select three points and mark them with self adhesive circles)
  • Discussion
Resource person 

To become aware of unconscious beliefs about disability

15 mins
  • Short overview of the different models
  • Introduction to the groupwork
Papers with information about the modelsResource person

To learn about different models of disability and to develop a common understanding

45 mins 

Groupwork about the 4 different models of disability:

  • Read about the model, discuss and find further examples
  • Discuss the advantages, disadvantages and consequences of this model
  • Prepare a poster about the model
  • Choose two persons who will defend this view in the debate on “The best strategies for dealing with disability in Thanh Hoa”

Group 1: The Charity Model
Group 2: The Medical Model
Group 3: The Social Model 

Group 4: Rights-based Model

Resource person and facilitator
20 minsBreak
45 mins


  • Debate with six persons on “The best strategies for dealing with disability” (30 mins)
  • Conclusion with all participants: Which model is most convincing? (15 mins)
20 mins 


  • Models focus either on the individual with disability or the disabling society
  • WHO classification
  • Introduction of an integrated approach
PowerPoint presentation Resource person 
30 mins

Disability – Important policies and approaches

  • Presentation of the UN Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Rights and Dignity of Persons with Disabilities
Resource person 

To know about and analyse disability policies and approaches

15 +75 mins

Introduction to group works (participants choose according to their interests)

Group 1: Vietnamese Ordinance for People with Disability

  • Identify which is the underlying model of disability
  • Compare the Ordinance with the International Convention
  • Prepare a clear and attractive presentation about the different approaches

Group 2: Disability approaches in development (inclusive, rights-based and the twin-track approach):

  • Develop examples for the different approaches (how could they look in practice?)
  • State which approach you prefer and explain why
  • Prepare a clear and attractive presentation about the different approaches

Group 3: Disability and poverty

  • Develop a concrete example or story that illustrates the vicious circle of poverty and disability (set in Thanh Hoa; this could be used for the campaign)
  • Decide – using the factsheet "Disability and poverty" (and additional information about Vietnam) which facts could be used to convince other parties
  • Prepare a clear and attractive presentation about your results
  • Copies
  • Paper with instructions for group work and information about the different approaches
  • Posters
  • Markers
  • Cards
20 minsBreak
30 minsPresentation cycle (participants walk around, each group chooses one group member to present)Facilitator 
15 minsSummary of the day and agenda of next dayTeam  



PART 2: Developing statements and strategies for our awareness campaign (half-day)

TimeProcedureMaterialsConducted byObjectives
15 mins 

Common views on disability II:

  • Read the statements again
  • After having discussed different models of disability yesterday: Which statement do you agree to today? (Again, each participant has three points to give)
  • Discussion about changes 



5 mins
  • Introduction to advocacy, lobbying and campaigning
  • Typical campaigning activities
CardsResource person 
  • to improve abilities to convince and  to build strategic communication skills
  • to build up campaigning skills
  • to determine the target audience
  • to develop and agree upon messages
10 mins

Overview of “Convincing and Strategic Communication”

  • Who? – the target audience
  • When? – timing
  • What? – messages
  • How? – means of communication
CardsResource person
30 mins Discuss in plenary: Who?

Tool "Analysing your audience" on large poster

75 mins 

Group work: What? How? (3 groups)

  • Develop statements, messages, posters advertisements: brainstorming on poster
  • Select 3 ideas and develop messages
  • Prepare a presentation
Paper with instructions for group workFacilitator
20 minsBreak
45 mins Presentations and rating: Which statements are the most convincing? Facilitator  
30 mins
  • Summary of the workshop
  • Feedback of participants
  • Outlook

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