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This glossary explains technical terms, abbreviations and acronyms. All words, which are listed in the glossary, are marked in the texts of the chapters. The long name of abbreviations can be read when scrolling with the mouse courser on it.

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Association of the Blind in Cambodia
Action on Disability and Development

Advocacy means to “give a voice to people”. Advocacy is a system of actions aimed at changing attitudes, policies and practices.


These can be characterised as loose agreements between several organisations working on the same issue.


The budget lists the planned expenses and revenues of institutions, e.g. of nation states. The constitution of a nation state defines which agency is responsible for drafting this plan: the government, the legislature, parliament, etc. In recent years, developing countries have witnessed a growing tendency towards participatory budget formulation. Traditionally the state budget is valid for one year, but nowadays states try to plan according to a medium-term perspective.

Country Assistance Strategy

The Country Assistance Strategy (CAS) is a sort of medium-term business plan created by the World Bank for each of its client countries. The CAS system was already in place before the PRSP approach was introduced, and is now supposed to change and align itself to the PRSP, as the CAS is obligatory for PRSP countries.

Community Based Organisation
Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania
Comprehensive Development Framework

The Comprehensive Development Framework can be understood as the conceptual basis for the PRSP. It was introduced by World Bank president James Wolfensohn in 1999, and it emphasised that development is a long-term process which is influenced by all sectors. Development should therefore not focus on individual projects, but should be seen in a wider context, taking all relevant aspects into consideration.

Cambodian Disabled Person's Organisation
Coordinadora de Instituciones y Associaciones de Rehabilitacion de Honduras
civil society

There is no clear definition of this often used term. In the political context, “civil society” refers to all organised forms apart from the government, for example trade unions, NGOs, charity organisations, religious organisations, community-based organisations, civic movements or advocacy groups.

Consultative Group Meeting

These are regular meetings on the issues facing donors and lending countries, in particular the cooperation between the two: this may include the progress report of the PRSP or new lending facilities. They comprise a delegations from the relevant country (mainly government representatives, but the civil society is sometimes invited too), and a donor delegation (World Bank and IMF representatives, as well as representatives of the main donor countries).


In political terms, a convention is an agreement between different states. UN Conventions (e.g. on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities) are international law and are binding for those states that ratified the convention in question.

Comprehensive Poverty Reduction and Growth Strategy

Vietnam's PRSP

Civil Society Organisation
Disability Action Council (Cambodia)
Deutscher Entwicklungsdienst - German Development Service

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