Making PRSP Inclusive
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What is this website about?

This website makes proposals and suggestions on how to include people with disabilities in national poverty reduction strategies (PRS). It comprises a compendium of general background information, links, resources and tools on key issues regarding PRS, disability and project and process management, as well as advocacy and lobbying.


Who is the target audience?

The materials on this website generally address everyone working in the field of disability (non-governmental organisations (NGOs), service providers, professional associations, etc.). It is aimed mainly at people with disabilities, DPOs and parents’ associations which intend to participate in their respective national PRS process. A certain level of education, professionalism and degree of organisation is needed in order to understand and follow the process and its documents. Therefore this website addresses in particular key persons within DPOs, coordinators, trainers and facilitators, and seeks to provide them with information, resources and links with regard to important issues in the PRS process. It may be used as a resource for preparing a project, a training course or a workshop, but is not a training guide itself.

Why is this website necessary?

The reason for initiating the project in 2005 was the observation that DPOs and people with disabilities rarely participate in any PRS process, even though one of the main principles of such processes is the active involvement of the civil society in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of a country’s national PRS. However, this fact simply reflects a common tendency: people with disabilities are generally “invisible” within most societies and lack a strong and united voice. Experiences with different activities in Cambodia and Vietnam in 2006 and 2007 showed that even small-scale initiatives can trigger considerable interest among representatives in the field of disability.

The reviewed online version of the original handbook presents experiences, proposes ideas, and comments on how DPOs and people with disabilities may enter and participate in national PRS processes.

The origins of this website

This website is the revised online version of a handbook that originally was part of the “Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper and Disability” project initiated by Judy Heumann, Disability Advisor of the World Bank, and funded by a German trust fund (via GTZ/BMZ). The Christoffel-Blindenmission (CBM) and Handicap International implemented the project in 2005 in cooperation with German and Tanzanian disabled persons' organisations (DPOs) and other organisations working in the field of disability. The project consisted of two parts: the production of materials on Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSPs) and disability (through Handicap International), and the implementation of a PRSP workshop in Tanzania (through CBM). In 2006 and 2007 GTZ, Handicap International and CBM continued activities and projects around PRS and disability in different countries. Activities continued in Tanzania and new ones started in Vietnam and Cambodia always based on the concept of the handbook. The results of these efforts are presented in this updated online version of the handbook "Making PRSP Inclusive".

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